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· Lizzie Grubman's ex-boyfriend, Andrew Sasson, wants forgiveness after sending her to jail. [Page Six]
· Brittany Murphy's ex-publicist says "she's such a tramp and impossible to deal with." [Page Six]
· Blind item: closeted Senators and Hall of Fame baseball players. [Page Six]
· Manhattan restauranteur, Nello Balan, is opening up Nello's Uptown on 96th and Madison. [Page Six]
· Britney's bad boy dad is having an affair with a coke-head club hostess. [Page Six]
· Designer Nicole Miller says SoHo is out. [Cindy Adams]
· Dubya and Condi in '04? [Liz Smith]
· City council meetings are marked by cheesy double entendre, James Gandolfini gets a divorce, and Rush Limbaugh apologizes to Hillary Clinton. [NY Daily News]