We're beginning to think New York gossip columnists are feeling a bit too much Holiday-related goodwill. For example:
· Page Six defends Steve Bing, explaining that he has "been unfairly depicted." [Page Six]
· Page Six says nice things about PETA. [Page Six]
· The late John Galliher, international courtier and "walker" for Nan Kempner, Pat Buckley and Carol Petrie, is nicely eulogized. [Page Six]
· Liz Smith implores New Yorkers to support the mayor's Public Private Initiative. [Liz Smith]
No, no, no! You're gossip columnists! You're not supposed to be nice! That's not how it works! We should know; we've been doing this for three whole weeks! When you sign on the dotted line, you agree to be mean and nasty, and Satan agrees to give you a nice cushy job with a major circulation newspaper.

Oh, wait. Here we go:
· Chris Buckley, married with two children, is involved a paternity suit with ex-Random House publicist, Irina Woelfle. [NY Daily News]
· Streisand demands to be let into movie theater for free. [Page Six]
That's better.

(Ooh, look! Page Six reads Chic Happens! After we do! [Page Six]