The NYT examines a series of fashion novels that appear to have some basis in reality:
· Gini Alhadeff's new book, Diary of a Djinn, revolves around a protagonist that bears a striking resemblance to Giorgio Armani.
· The Devil Wears Prada, due out in June, was written by Anna Wintour's former assistant, Lauren Weisberger.
· Caroline Hwang's In Full Bloom is the story of a young Korean-American woman climbing the designer corporate ladder in the fashion mag world.
· Ex-Vanity Fair editor, Laura Jacobs, chronicles the social-climbing exploits of two New Yorkers in the design and media industries in her book, Women About the Town.
· Plum Sykes' book, Bergdorf Blondes, sounds suspiciously autobiographical.
A tyrant from Milan leads a parade of fashion novels [NYT]