· Jeff Gossett, who closed the New York Moomba, to open Moomba LA, is now closing the West Coast club as well. [Page Six]
· Kathy Griffin can't tell the difference between Stephen Baldwin and Billy Baldwin. Neither can the Page Six photo editors, apparently. At the moment, a raven-haired, smiling Billy is captioned as "Stephen Baldwin." [Page Six]
· Visitors spotted passing coins to incarcerated Ex-Sotheby's honcho, Al Taubman, so he has money for the commissary. [Cindy Adams]
· European comments, "Joel Steinberg's getting out, Robert Chambers is coming out, that Central Park Jogger bunch is already out. Felons are going free, and smokers are getting arrested." [Cindy Adams]
· Sharon Osbourne refuses designer freebies because "I don't get the same buzz unless I pay for it!" [Liz Smith]
· Cosmopolitans and apple martinis are out; MOs (Bacardi O and Merlins) are in. [Liz Smith]
· Monica Lewinsky, apparently in the mood to be a good little choir girl, is throwing pizza parties with games and make-your-own sundaes. Ivana Trump joins The Donald in vowing revenge for the beer stein tossed at Don Junior's head at a Greenwich Village comedy club. [NY Daily News]