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The 646 Guy has taken a shot at a few of Musto's blind items. To Musto's question, "is it true about the weatherman and the baseball player?" he responds, "I dunno but can I watch? I'm going with (predictably) Sam Champion as the weatherman (although I wouldn't mind it being John Marshall from Channel 4 and I'm pretty certain it's not Al Roker). As for the baseball player, I could be trite and say Mike Piazza but I won't. I'm going to go with Jason Giambi just because I'm pretty damn sure it can't be him but a man has to dream."

Interesting. I've always harbored a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Champion is really just a computer-generated image. The evidence:
· A.) his name is Sam Champion. Seriously. It sounds too much like a Marvel comic book character to be authentic.
· B.) He looks shockingly like Ken, of "Ken and Barbie" fameplastic smile and all. Watch the weather reports to see if the man ever blinks. I'll bet he doesn't. Why? Because the eyes are NOT REAL!
· C.) He's frighteningly enthusiastic about things like cold fronts. It's big faux pas to be frighteningly enthusiastic about anything in Manhattan, but if you must, cold fronts are not appropriate. And they're not normal. But, hey, it's your call.
Reading between the lines [Tales from the City, via]