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If you can get your hands on a copy of the January issue of Toronto Life, there's an extensive feature-length profile of Us Weekly editor and "evil genius" Bonnie Fuller. Some things you may not know: She refused to tell people her daughter had leukemia for fear that they would think she was using it for professional advancement. The working title of her memoir was From Geek to Oh My Goddess: How to Have the Big Career and the Big Love Life and the Big FamilyEven If You Have a Big Loser Complex Inside. She didn't tell her husband about her nose job.

Background on Fuller for the uninitiated:
Some speculate that her exile from the Conde Nast empire was precipitated by Vogue Editrix [ed. notenot a word. Why do people keep using it?] Editor Anna Wintour. When Catherine Zeta-Jones refused to do a cover story for Glamour, Fuller put a two-year old picture of Zeta-Jones on the cover anyway to beat Vogue to the punch. Infuriating Si Newhouse by making overtures to Harper's Bazaar probably didn't help either.

But as we all know, Fuller got her revenge when Jann Wenner recruited her to save the ailing Us Weekly. Fuller sexed it up, and even took a little swipe at Wintour with a cheesy photo montage titled, "It's All About Anna!"which she distributed at fashion shows.

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