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· City Club hotelier Jeff Klein says, "I wholeheartedly support Leona [Helmsley]and I'm gay!...I want to start a Leona Helmsley support group." [Page Six]
· Toni Morrison on the mayor's anti-smoking provisions: "This is a one-term mayor." [Page Six]
· Graydon Carter is about to be inundated with Latino books and educational materials as part of a campaign against Dame Edna's humor column last month which suggested that the only reason to learn Spanish was to talk to your help or leaf blower. [Page Six]
· Busta Rhymes ordered a Courvoisier the other night at Sessa on West 23rd. Thinking the bar would comp the drink, he protested when the bartender asked him for $30. Said Sessa owner Stratis Morfogen, "I didn't hear you sing, 'Pass the Courvoisier for free' in your song." Ben Elliot brags that his new concierge service, Quintessentially, once delivered a drum kit to a yacht moored in Monaco harbor during a party for the Grand Prix. [NY Daily News]