We're going to play a game. (No, not that one. Being drugged and shipped to Zimbabwe is only fun the first time.) It's called "Guess Which One of the Following Is a New York Band."
· The Upper Crust: Band members appear on stage dressed as 18th Century English Aristocrats while performing songs like "Friend of a Friend of the Working Class" off their debut album Let Them Eat Rock.
· The Yuppie Pricks: The band "wears John McEnroe-era tennis gear and denounce the 'service-industry scum' who come to their shows.
· The Sumerians: The band "wears animal-pelt loincloths and claim to be Mesopotamian time travelers from 16 million years in the future." They sing about weed, aliens, and Mesopotamia.
Bands courtesy of Neal Pollack and GQ.
"That sucking sound" [GQ - February issue]