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· Sotheby's execs complain that CEO William Ruprecht is raking in millions while the company's stock sinks and employees are being laid off. [Page Six]
· Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery unveils a 3 1/2-foot tombstone for Bill "the Butcher" Poole (played by Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York) that says, "Goodbye, boys, I die a true American." [Page Six]
· PETA's obsession with celebrities has resulted in a "worst-dressed list" and a fashion show of their own. [Page Six]
· Hoteliers Jeff Klein and Leona Helmsley are planning to stage a parade "to raise money for the war against drugs." [Page Six]
· Hadassah Lieberman says she'll keep the White House Glatt kosher if her husband is elected. [Cindy Adams]
· Joe DiMaggio blames the Kennedys for the death of Marilyn Monroe; Alan Hevesi complains that Virginia Fields is taking credit for his work; Temptation Island 3 is casting; and "superagent" Andrew Wylie is shopping Madonna's children's book. [NY Daily News]