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· Norman Mailer: "Updike and Roth and Bellow aren't in the papers all the time. When they are, it's because they're writing about something. If I'm in the papers, it's because Page Six has got me urinating between two cars when a cop goes by." [Page Six]
· The NYT on Suzan Lori Parks' new play, "Fuckin' A": "The title of this play cannot be printed." [Page Six]
· Socialite Georgette Mosbacher is looking for a gas mask for her dog. She says she found one on the Internet in Israel, but she needs someone to "buy one there and bring it back." [Page Six]
· NY Mag's "Intelligencer" columnist Marc Malkin will host the first-ever "Chicago" sing-along at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas on Wednesday. Drag queens will be on hand to "inspire" the audience. [Page Six]
· Men's Health Editor David Zinczenko is featured in an article by Anna David in this month's Playboy in which she refers to him as "Magazine Guy" and details an encounter she had with him that was not sex "according to the Clintonian definition." [NY Daily News]