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· Michael Douglas' ex-wife Diandra on her ex's wedding picture fiasco with Hello!: "If you re going to do something as trashy and tacky as being in one of those magazines, you might as well donate it to a good cause." [Page Six]
· Ex-Post reporter Kyle Smith just sold a comedic novel to Harper Collins about the frazzled love life of a features editor at a very Post-like paper. [Page Six]
· Tina Brown says that if her talk show tanks, she can say "it was just a gas." [Page Six]
· Gore Vidal blasts the media's war coverage: "The media [have] never been more disgusting in my lifetime. Every lie out of Washingtonthey're out there doing war dances." [Page Six]
· David Gest and Liza Minelli celebrate one year of dysfunctional matrimony with 1,200 of their closest friends on March 16. [Liz Smith]
· 66 (Jean-Georges' new place) architect Richard Meier, when asked if he planned to autograph the walls: "Yes," [pointed toward a red sign near the ceiling] "My name is 'Exit.'" [NY Daily News]