The Observer examines the polarizing effects of the Iraq debate on social life in Manhattan. Personally, I'm inclined to agree with Gawker interviewee Neal Pollack's line of thinking on the issue, which is basically, "Nobody gives a shit what anti-war or pro-war writers think. Really. So shut up. That goes double for poets. Shut the hell up, poets. Everybody just shut up." But that never works. In my experience, someone always brings it up, and usually in such a way that you want to scream at them regardless of their position. Apparently, this isn't unique. "I've had shouting arguments on both sides," said [Kurt] Andersen. "Frankly and sincerely on both sides, because of the way the other person has drawn the line." Chris Buckley adds, "My idea of a good time is not a screaming argument over the cr me br l e over the Iraqi civilian casualties."
The unquiet Americans [Observer]