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· The Vanity Fair staffers at the annual Oscar party will be deprived of their swimming pool this year, as it will be closed all weekend. [Ed. noteExpect Vanity Fair to bring their own pool. "Si'll pick it up."] [Page Six]
· Kelly Osbourne on her brother's friends: "They are like the world's biggest [bleep] bags. One brain cell in all of them. It's like snowing outside and they are in like nipple covers, and that's about it." [Page Six]
· Madeleine Albright on her favorite North Korean dictator: "I am the only high-ranking U.S. official to ever meet with Kim Jong-il, and we are the same height and both wear high heels." [Page Six]
· Lizzie Grubman and Hans Blix live in the same building but she gets more packages than he does and photographers aren't standing outside waiting to get pictures of him. [Page Six]
· Thanks to Chicago's success, Miramax is swamped with agents claiming their clients "have always been singers." [Liz Smith]
· Anna Wintour's former assistant's book, The Devil Wears Prada, includes a demanding editor who tells her assistant, "When I call, you respond. It's actually simple. See? I call. You respond. Do you think you can handle that, Ahn-dre-ah?" [NY Daily News]