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· Perpetually annoying power couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are being sued by their Central Park West neighbors, Paul and Tizzy Bannister, for operating loud air conditioners that keep the Bannisters awake at all hours. [Ed. note"Tizzy Bannister" sounds like a home repair problem. As in, "I have a tizzy bannister and it needs to be fixed." Are we sure she exists?] [Page Six]
· Drugged out Brit pop star Robbie Williams to U2 frontman, Bono: "Bono, man, this fucking painting is incredible." Bono: "Robbie, that's the window." [Page Six]
· James Gandolfini is now demanding $1 million an episode plus a percentage of DVD sales and rebroadcast rights for The Sopranos, idefinitely postponing shooting for the show's fifth season. [NY Daily News]