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· Playboy TV is filming bondage aerobics babe Mistress Victoria's "Slavercise!" class at Manitoba's on Avenue B tonight, followed by a performance by the Sex Slaves band. [Page Six]
· Hours author, Michael Cunningham: "I'm probably the only author in America who loves what the movies did for his book." [Page Six]
· Al Pacino on Robert De Niro's recent movie choices: "I think he needs cash." [Cindy Adams]
· Overheard in Jaded, a jewelry boutique in the '80s: "I finally knew the economy was really in bad shape when Tiffany began selling colored beads." [Cindy Adams]
· No wire hangers, EVER!: Penelope Cruz collects coat hangers and owns 500 of different types. [Liz Smith]
· Chelsea Clinton's final job offer: $120,000 with a $10,000 signing bonus. [Liz Smith]
· Cuba Gooding, Jr. spotted Sunday, standing outside a downtown club, pretending to be a doorman and telling people to move away. [NY Daily News]