Calvin Klein, total nutjobDuring Monday night's Knicks game, Calvin Klein apparently walked up to Latrell Sprewell as Sprewell was getting ready to inbound the ball and struck up a conversation with him before being escorted away by security. A number of possible explanations here:
1. Klein has gone completely batshit. (A reader points out that he once called Joan Rivers a "nasty cunt" to her face, but I'm not sure that's indicative of mental instability, as many of us wouldat the very leastbe tempted to do the same thing after a few reasonably strong cocktails.)
2. Klein has decided that being a mere cokehead isn't enough, and added a few hallucinogens to his narcotic repertoire.
3. His Brazilian rent boy dared him to do it. (You know, if he had a Brazilian rent boy. Not that we're suggesting...)
Klein approaches Sprewell during game [AP]