The Observer's Ron Rosenbaum defines the "Brooklyn Smirk": "If you live in Manhattan, you too may have heard maybe one too many ostensibly solicitous, but inwardly smirking, remarks from people who live in Brooklyn. Remarks along the line of "Now I'm kinda glad I left [Manhattan]"or, as one guy told me, 'Yeah, we moved to Brooklyn, but we're kind of glad of it now considering...' Yeah: considering that you pitiful Manhattanites will probably ALL DIE in some terror act once the war begins." Small comfort: "It's always a day-brightener to wake up and link to a detailed report...on the effect of a small nuclear weapon detonated in Grand Central, which happens to be 10 blocks away from my bedroom. Half a million immediately dead in Manhattan. Apparently, it might even affect Brooklyn."
Life during wartime: we Manhattanites defy Brooklyn Smirk [Observer]