We're violating the Gawker J-Lo rule (again) because we absolutely must talk about her Oscar dress. (Serious topics for serious times.) From the Observer: "Jennifer Lopez's silk cr pe Valentino caftan ('Some say apple, some say pistachio I think the happy go-between is maybe a seafoam,' chirped the publicist) was several months in the planning. By Monday, the rumor was rapidly circulating that it was the exact same frock the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had worn on a visit to Cambodia in 1968, giving it vague 'political' overtones and prompting one staffer at a rival housebecause if we stop being catty, the terrorists win!to comment: 'C'mon, that had to be Jackie and Lee's dress sewn together.'" Alsostylist Philip Bloch says he's had enough and "so [doesn't] want to do this anymore."
Mental Bloch [Observer]