The Farkers are referring to the "50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers" issue from the NY Press as a list that "includes cocaine and 49 people you've never heard of." Some choice comments:
· Yoko Ono should have been WAY higher than that. I'm thinking in the "Woody Allen" area at least.
· "New York Press"? I'm guessing this is a paper that you get for free, largely underwritten by ads from phone-sex lines, booby bars and tatoo parlors. Am I wrong?
· Whoever submitted this link is an idiot. And may God have mercy on the soul of the moron that posted this link.
· How dare they insult Keith Blanchard? He's a solid man, and damn funny. The thing everybody gets wrong about the Maxim staff is thinking that they take their job seriously. They realize just as much as anyone how dumb their mag is, but they love the fact that they get paid to write about farts, beer, and boobies. It's the life. Pretty much everyone else on the list can go suck it, though.
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