Vice magazine recruits a drunk guy to interview Bill McGowan (author of Coloring the News: How Crusading for Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism, which earned him the National Press Club Award) and Scott McConnell (the executive editor of Pat Buchanan's magazine, The American Conservative) at the Greenpoint Tavern in Brooklyn. Unintentional hilarity ensues.

Throatie (the Vice guy): Most of the kids at my school hate Israel so much they sound like Nazis. It's tense.
Bill: Well, college kids are stupid. What can I say? Mostly it's because they have stupid PC professors. I was at a New Yorker party shortly after 9/11 and I overheard this fiction writer (a relatively young Ivy League graduate) who was asking, "Do we really need Israel anymore? Can't we just bring those six million people to America and, you know, give them New Jersey?" and I just thought, "What an idiot."
Scott: That would actually be better than a world war in the Middle East.

The merits of war: two intellectuals and a drunk give the final word [Vice via So15MinutesAgo]

Throatie: Give me an example of how [Arab] culture is the problem but use a cool example. Like in the animal kingdom or something. No fancy words.
Bill: Okay, how's this? I go into the Arab grocery store across from my apartment building, and nine times out of ten, they're standing around chattering about Allah. It's like a bloody broken record: Allah this and Allah that and Allah in betweenall Allah, all the time. Meanwhile, the shelves aren't stocked, the place is a mess, and the front door opens the wrong way, and I say to them, "You guys talk about God too much. Get some Protestant work ethic."