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· Hugh Grant on acting: "I kind of hate it. In fact, I hate it quite a lotall acting, but especially movie acting." He says he's quitting acting and wants to find a nice girl and settle down. [Page Six]
· The New Yorker has been fielding irate phone calls from people who mistakenly think New York magazine's embedded reporter, Michael Wolff, is working for them. The callers are angry that Wolff ("that racist reporter") asked Brigadier General Vincent Brooks, who is black, why he was fielding questions instead of his boss, Gen. Tommy Franks. [Page Six]
· Filmmaker Joel Soler, who just finished a documentary on Saddam Hussein, reports that the evil dictator of the moment, perhaps taking his cue from J-Lo: "likes everything pure and white. Before he goes to sleep, a doctor checks the temperature of the room." [NY Daily News]