As mentioned earlier, we've decided to change our corporate motto from "if you can't say anything nice about people, start your own weblog" to "everyone is happy, pretty, and smart in their own special way." I know the similarity is confusing, as the differences are quite subtle. On that note"Random Nice Things About People" by Gawker Editor, Liz Smith:
· David Gest and Liza Minelli: you say "dysfunctional, fucked-up relationship"; I say "highly-rated made-for-TV movie."
· Miramax chief, Harvey Weinstein: big cuddly ass-kicking teddy bear.
· Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour: Oh, to have her smooth freshly-botoxed skin!
· Catherine Zeta-Jones: How does she stuff her face with cake like that, and still manage to stay so thin? Amazing!
· Designer Zac "Perfect" Posen: the trust fund only enhances his obvious talent.
· Nicky and Paris Hilton: (Cat)walking and talking at the same time! How many other beautiful hotel-fortune heiresses can do that? Not many!