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· Comedian Eddie Griffin's new Miramax-produced movie, Dysfunktional Family is facing complaints from the Sikh community over a scene in which Griffin compares a Sikh man to Osama bin Laden. Expect more controversy from other groups; Griffin also says that he could find bin Laden with "five Bloods, five Crips, four Mexicans and three rednecks." [Page Six]
· The May issue of Vanity Fair has a piece suggesting that JFK Jr. is the bastard son of Gianni Agnelli. [Page Six]
· Ed Gernon, executive producer of the CBS movie Hitler: The Rise of Evil, says the film is a cautionary tale for the American people during the Bush administration. [Page Six]
· Paris Hilton's former chef says that Paris mistreats her chihuahua, Tinkerbell: "Paris needs to take responsibility and care for her dogs...they're not fashion accessories." Paris: "they're not?" [Ed. noteokay, so Paris didn't actually say that, but I'm sure she was thinking it.] [Page Six]
· Seventeen is in trouble for photoshopping Sarah Michelle Gellar's covershot to the extent that "It looks like an alien foot attached to her arm." [Page Six]
· Financier John Gutfreund's wife and son, J.P. are starting a line of leisure wear. [Cindy Adams]
· An ex-commando who was in Afghanistan says it's not surprising that Geraldo Rivera got kicked out of Iraq for broadcasting troop movements, because he's put military personnel at risk before: "We had two-and three-man sniper teams hiding out in the mountains. Geraldo found out about it from the [anti-Taliban] mujahedeen soldiers. We were paying them between $25 and $100 a month. Geraldo put the word out that he would pay any Afghan who deserted the U.S. Army $100 a day to point out where the snipers were so he could get pictures of them...Here are a couple of snipers hidden in this cave, and Geraldo comes prancing up." [NY Daily News]