The Gothamist's Jake Dobkin takes Lockhart Steele up on his challenge and reviews Rice to Riches in excruciating detail. Jake's description of the interior: "do you remember that place Bot that opened next to Rice on Mott Street? Well, if that place got into a threesome with the Remote Lounge on Bowery and a Haagen Daas, this is the mutant child that would result." Another Gawker reader writes, "I have, along with my friend who lives on Bowery and Spring, decided to do a box contest on when Rice to Riches will go down in flames and then be rebuilt into the seed bodega it should be. For 5 dollars you can buy a box - the X axis will be month and the Y axis will be day. I expect the X axis to be no more than two rows deep."
Rice to Riches reviewed [Gothamist]