A reader writes, "Lisa Marie Presley appeared on Howard Stern's show this morning. After he got through the vital Howard questions (yes, she had lesbian sex, once, when she was a teen, and she's still tempted but doesn't answer the tempt... yes, she does like sex in all the unusual places... no, she won't confirm whether there's anything odd about Michael Jackson's penis), he asks about reports of a Lisa Marie/Paris Hilton catfight. Lisa explains that she has a friend who likes to throw drinks on Paris. They were at a party and the friend said she'd just tossed an aperitif. Lisa Marie didn't believe her. Here came Paris, so the friend proved it by throwing a drink at Paris' back. The friend then ducked out of the way, leaving Lisa Marie there, looking guilty, though she says she wasn't. What an odd pastime: The Paris Hilton drinking game: Every time you see her, you throw a drink."