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Maer Roshan's new mag, Radar, is set to hit newstands on April 22nd, and the press blizzard is just starting. The NYT's David Carr has an extensive review and Page Six offers a few excerpts from an article titled "Monsters, Inc.":
· On Dave Eggers: "Thin-skinned exhibitionist is so paranoid about his image, will communicate with press only via e-mail. Claims to loathe big imprints, yet is published by Penguin in the U.K."
· Wall Street dilettante Jim Cramer "gave surviving employees of his beleaguered financial Web site autographed copies of his blustery post-bust tell-all, 'You Got Screwed!,' in lieu of bonuses."
(We snagged a copy, too, so you'll get more excerpts later.)
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