More from Radar magazine (launching April 22nd). Gossip items from an article titled, "Monsters, Inc":
· Documentarian Michael Moore: Fabricated a scene in Bowling for Columbine in which a hapless bank teller hands him a gun, in exchange for opening a bank account, telling her that the standard practice of getting a coupon for a gun store and waiting for a background check wouldn't work for the film.
· Designer Jill Stuart: Sued by consultant Beth Blake, who alleged Stuart's husband offered her $10,000 to engage in a sexual relationship with Stuart, which would be just the thing to "put a little sex and sizzle into the collection." "I'll give you a pill," he said. "You'll never know what happened!"
· Producer Scott Rudin: After work, underlings must stick around to clean his officeknown as "The Dungeon"extracting his nail clippings from the carpet and "resetting" each chintzy power bauble on his desk (like the glass horse head must face the window at a 45-degree angle.)