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· GQ Editor Art Cooper, saying goodbye via email: "The great virtue about e-mails is they don't show tear stains." [Page Six]
· CNN's response to the question of whether they turned up the booing on Michael Moore's Oscar speech: "It's ridiculous. That's our response." [Page Six]
· Donald Trump's girlfriend, Melania Knauss, has dozens of seemingly identical black coats. Her explanation: the paparazzi photograph her everywhere she goes and, "if you wear something twice, even a coat, you're a target." [Page Six]
· Hillary Clinton's memoir isn't going to be a juicy tell-all. [Cindy Adams]
· Cindy Crawford: "Arugula is how I define cities. I go to a grocery store and either you can get arugula or you can't." [Cindy Adams]
· First Brother Neil Bush's estranged wife, Sharon, is considering writing what will definitely be a juicy tell-all. [NY Daily News]