"I am terribly amused by the note that your Conde Nast mole [Ed. noteActually, we have several Conde Nast moles.] sent in regarding his/her (perhaps I should just assume it's a her) Anna Wintour sighting. Despite her outsize persona, she is an employee of this company, and rides the elevators with the rest of the plebians. Were there a VIP elevator, I'm sure sightings of this elegant, bony creature would be fewer and further between, but there she is, when not in Europe viewing the collections or courting high society in Houston or whatever else it is that she does. She's bizarre, certainly, and people do love to hate her (and perhaps some of this is well-deserved) but personally I think the most objectionable editor in this building is Graydon Carter."

"Not only does he cultivate this image that is entirely absurdfrom his brass-buttoned blazer to his geometric hairstylebut he has become a parody of himself. Vanity Fair is the most pretentious title published in this building, and the entire staff are pampered, uninteresting assholes. I don't know who's reading those long, boring stories about people who died in the 1940s, or who bothers looking at those absurd, incomprehensible charts, or who cares what that stupid bitch Dominic Dunne has to say about anything at all but I eagerly await the day that Carter inserts a portrait of himself into the hyperbolic, near-ecstatic annual Hollywood Portfolio. I should also note that Carter's SUV bears a bumper sticker advertising that insipid Robert Evans film that he has been trumpeting for so long now. At least Anna creates a magazine that's lovely to look at and well-executed. Vanity Fair is the most boring thing coming out of 4 Times Square, and that's a group that includes Modern Bride and Lucky..."