UrbanBaby.com has either a bizarrely loyal fan base or a really good PR department, because I keep getting emails about it. I checked out the message boards and most of the postings were something along the lines of, "I just threw my four-year-old a princess party! And it only cost me $250!" which would, I suppose, be useful if I had a four-year-old. But even then, it wouldn't be appropriate for Gawker. I'm sure there's some good stuff in there somewhere but I can't wade through all of the "Disneyworld has a great website!" postings to get to it. The obscene overuse of exclamation marks hurts my eyes. So here's the deal: I'll link to urbanbaby stuff if you point me to specific things that are interesting and relevant to Gawker. Send to tips@gawker.com
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