After the untimely loss of my hard drive yesterday, my publisher loaned me an old Sony Vaio and for a few precious hours I was able to get online. Then, predictably, the replacement computer broke. (My phone isn't working properly either, so I'm beginning to take it all very personally.)

But now the replacement laptop is working again.

For the moment.

For the next few hours, probably.

Minutes, if I'm lucky.

I suppose this means that Gawker needs to make a new capital investment and should perhaps consider selling the G5 or the bungalow in St. Bart's.

Bwa ha ha ha! Right.

So, for the record, nothing on Gawker at 10AM doesn't technically mean I'm dead, although I appreciate the concerned emails. We're getting our entire fixed asset base (my laptop) repaired tomorrow, so by Thursday or so, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled meanness.

Elizabeth Spiers