Stephen Glass, who "was fired from The New Republic five years ago for fabricating details in 27 stories," has written a roman-a-clef. About himself. (Proving thereby that one can do any number of dispicable things and still revive their career with 350 pages of the gory details.) Neal Pollack points out that he, too, has written a roman-a-clef about his days at The New Republic. An excerpt:
The new editor, Farty [Airputz]announced, would be his greatest pupil from Harvard, a brilliant young freshly-minted Ph.D. named Mandrew Mullivan. "And here he is!" Farty said, as he pulled back a curtain. There Mandrew stood, gleaming in the light. The perfect picture of male beauty and brilliance. His biceps rippled under his muscle shirt.
"I'm gay!" he said.
The staff of The New Century gasped.
"But I'm also conservative!"
More gasps.
"And my first task as editor of The New Century will be to order a poorly-researched hit job on Bill Moyers!"
Yes, yes. Very nice, Neal. But you neglected to mention other offerings in the genre:
· Jeffrey Dahmer's revision of the Malcolm Bradbury classic, Eating People Is Wrong.
· The Unabomber's first novel, It's in the Mail.
· The recently released roman-a-clef by an anonymous NYT fact-checker, The Corrections.
A history of lying recounted as fiction [NYT]