And, now, for today's edition of "Questions, Answers and Somewhat Useful Information"... (Look, ma! Service journalism!)
· Answer: Re: Yesterday's Rick Marin question: no one actually answered. Someone did, however, send in a gratuitous Rick Marin tip: "there is a truly vomitous essay by Rick Marin in the June Allure (on newstands now) regarding how picky he is about women's style. He goes so far as to say that he used to expect the women he dated to wear matching bra and panty sets all the time."
· Questions:
1. "Who drives that Louis Vuitton Escalade EXT, white with the Spring 2003 logo treatment from stem to stern? We saw it in front of Bloomingdale's on Sunday and, well, gawked."
2. "Why the fuck does Bret Easton Ellis find it necessary to live in both New York City and Richmond, Virginia? Who goes there?
3. "Did Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown run a secret mission on behalf of the United States government? Did this diva work for the Defense Department?"
4. "About five years ago, when I was still in SF and on a visit to NY, a friend and I ate at a place in the West Village that served baskets of miniature hamburgers, much smaller than White Castle, about the size of silver-dollar pancakes, about 10 to a basket. They were very cute and yummy. A few times I've wandered around what I thought was the vicinity of the place looking for it to no avail. Does anyone know the place I'm talking about and its coordinates?"
"That might have been Shopsins General Store, then on Bedford Street, now on Carmine."
"The questioner from SF may have been thinking of Sassy's Sliders in the East Village at the corner of 10th St. and 1st Avenue. It was great, but closed down around 1998 or 99."
"There's a spot on first ave around forth or fifth called 'First' that has them tiny burgers and otherwise meets the description. It's not in the West Village, but...out-of-towners...what do they know?"
"I bet this is Burrito Bar, at Church and Walker, just below Canal. It's not actually in the Village, but it's not far and it does serve miniburgers, which are very cute and yummy, not to mention cheap. I think they come eight to a basket. The miniburgers come with ketchup as well as sour cream and guacamole, which works out quite well. If you can't get a table at the Burrito Bar, there's always 66, which is just a few blocks south. I don't think 66 serves miniburgers, at least not yet."
"There was a bar called Dew Drop Inn on the corner of Perry and Greenwich Ave between 6th and 7th that served mini hamburgers 10 to an order. Unfortunately the place closed about a year ago and was taken over by the expanding Italian restaurant that was on the adjacent corner."
"They were called "mini-one-bites" and they were served at the Dew Drop Inn on greenwich ave and perry which is now gone replaced by something shitty. Elizabeth will be happy to know that the waitstaff all did coke in the bathroom (seriously) and drinks were served by a nice kinda spacey girl named becky who has a continuing serious case of bar rot on her fingertips."
5. "What's with all the Japanese hipsters clotting the sidewalk in front of the entrance to 330 7th avenue?? Is it some special japanese hipster casting agency??"
6. "The new YSL store is opening on June 2nd. When is the gala?"
· Questions I Can Answer:
"So what is this blog thing? Something for self-important New Yorkers to do?"