In response to yesterday's New Yorker question regarding editor David Remnick's "Influentials" list (which, to clarify, was submitted by a reader), another reader responds: "Most magazines have a list of 'influentials' who receive a copy ahead of the newsstand date and their subscription is usually free of charge. Weeklies tend to messenger their copies to editors and producers while monthlies mail theirs. My advice would be to contact their Publicity Director and ask to be put on the list. I know my Comp list was anywhere between 200-250 people when I worked for a major monthly and other magazines I worked with had much larger or smaller ones depending on the title and its breadth of focus." [Ed.I'm tempted to call and see if the Publicity Director at the New Yorker has even heard of Gawker and will comp me a subscription, but I can't deal with rejection before, say, 11 AM. But don't let that stop any of you from calling and demanding to be comped!]