NY Mag's Carl Swanson writes that former US Weekly editor Bonnie Fuller has "dumbed down every magazine she's ever worked for." This is probably true. The only way US Weekly could have been any dumber is to replace the multisyllabic words in the captions with icons representing various facial expressions. (Demi and Ashton: a scandalized smiley face.) I'm fully convinced that Fuller's ultimate goal at US was to make the magazine intelligible to the completely illiterate. That said, she's presumably being brought into American Media to turn Star and possibly the National Enquirer, The Globe and Weekly World News into serious journalistic endeavorsinasumuch as they feasibly can be serious journalistic endeavors. (I guess this translates to paying the sources on "bat boy" stories $2,000 instead of $10,000, as was previously customary.) [Ed.I started to do a mock-up of a smartened-up Star and an even-more-dumbed-down US Weekly, but I battled my Photoshop installation and Photoshop won. If any of you want to try, feel free to send the results to tips@gawker.com.]
What makes Bonnie run? [NY Mag]