When the NYT had former Harper's Bazaar editor and [Vogue editor] Anna Wintour protegee Kate Betts review The Devil Wears Prada, (Lauren Weisberger's roman-a-clef about her job as Anna's assistant) I thought it was incredibly unfair, even though I thought the book was badly written and agreed with most of what Betts said. But Betts couldn't have possibly been expected to write an objective review, and the NYT knew that. They commissioned the review because they knew it'd be vicious (and therefore "interesting"). Now the Atlantic has asked leftie columist Christopher Hitchens to review former Clinton aide [and longstanding Hitchens nemesis] Sidney Blumenthal's book, The Clinton Wars and it's exactly the same bullshit. Not that I didn't enjoy it. But come on.
Thinking like an apparatchik [The Atlantic]