The owner of Politics and Prose, an independent bookstore in Washington, D.C., has banned Vice Magazine's VICE Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, citing it as "offensive" to gays. Just because it contains a straight men's guide to anal sex, with the (purportedly ironic) heading "Fags Go Home"? I tell ya, those faggots are so uppity nowadays. They've taken over that Bravo station, what will they want next? Not being tied to barbed wire fences and left to die?

Indie Bookstore Bans Vice, By Karin Nelson

Fashion Wire Daily New York September 2, 2003 - While most adversaries of VICE, the down-and-dirty youth culture magazine, regard it as nothing more than a toilet read, best left in the bathroom or not picked up at all, one deeply offended man has chosen to wage an all out war against the publication.

Danny Gainsburg, co-owner of indie bookstore "Politics and Prose" in Washington D.C., has not only banned the newly released "VICE Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll" from his store, but has launched a crusade against Warner Books, the publishers of the off-color coffee table read that's out this month.

"They called up Warner and ragged them out," explains VICE co-founder Gavin McInnes, "insisted the rep at Warner who sent the books lose his job, screamed at the rep about how hard it is to be gay and told him, in detail, what it's like to watch your friend slowly wither away from AIDS, and then told the rep that they are going to call other independent book stores and encourage them to ban the book too."

Gainsburg took most offense to the book's 'Guide to Anal Sex' — a graphic how-to in a long list of many — that contains an intentionally humorous disclaimer that the guide is for straight, not gay, men — only because the latter need no instruction. It reads "Fags Go Home."

"It's funny," explains McInnes, in typical puerile-savant VICE style, "because homosexuals aren't from anywhere. It's a parody of all that 'go back where you came' racist shit. But there's no talking to knee-jerk liberals. We call them 'the dumb community.'"

"I find it offensive," Gainsburg said in a statement. "The whole book is offensive and the words they use are totally unacceptable."

Ironically, the 19 year-old bookstore is best known for stocking politically and socially charged books, including those of anti-liberal, anti-feminist author and talk show host Michael Savage, as well as Jim Goad, a Portland writer who has long been accused of glorifying violence against women, as well as practicing it.

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Story courtesy Fashion Wire Daily