· P.Diddy finishes marathon in 11,359th place. "Twenty-six miles is not a publicity stunt," he said, followed by "No, no, no, no, no" when asked if he would run another marathon. Maybe just one more: trying to outrun Amnesty International. [ NY Daily News]
· Pam Anderson runs over partygoers on Lexington Avenue Friday night, generating increased sales of the Post and Mercedes SUVs. Oh wait, flip it: that was Lizzie as Pam for Halloween. [Fox 411 ]
· Celebrity catfights: stars hold grudges, trade insults, and spread nasty rumors about their rivals. This is news? [NY Daily News ]
· Martha, in between feeding her 100 chickens, 50 canaries, and 101 Dalmatians, chats with Barbara on Friday's 20/20. No tears, surprisingly, given that her daughter dated Sam Waksal. [ NY Post ]
· Ballerinagirlm away message: i'm like In rehab LOL kthxbi! Now that Nicole Richie has no access to AIM, her smack will undoubtedly have to be purchased old-school — via cell phones and bonded delivery men. [ Intelligencer ]
· Sitcom "Coupling" is canned; NBC says sex is better with Brits. [ NY Post ]