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Rolling Stone's Vanessa Grigoriadis parties down with the Red Bull-chugging Paris Hilton, and gets her purse stolen for her trouble. Hilton, who refers to social-climbing strivers as "Debbies," does not at all come off as a nice girl:

"Ten minutes after Hilton leaves Deluxe, she's dancing at another club, Nacional, with the crowd from the MTV party — JC Chasez, Cris Judd, [Tara] Reid and 'so many cheesy girls, jeez,' says Hilton. There's Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2003, in a fishnet bodysuit, a black leather cap set high on her winged hair. 'I love your outfit,' Hilton tells her, laughing. Next she sees a chesty blonde in a tiny red halter top and jeans slung so low she must be entirely shaved. 'She's, like, a hooker Barbie,' Hilton whispers. She taps her on the shoulder and says, 'Hey, Debbie.'

'Debb-a-Debb-Debb Debbie,' Reid sings, up in her face.

The hooker Barbie looks confused. 'But my name is Tiffany,' she says."
Princess Paris [Rolling Stone]