Somehow I missed a seriously important item in Sunday's Post. (I like to spend my Sundays — after church services — helping the poor with like poverty-related stuff, so you can't blame me.)

Anyhoo: On Sunday, the proto-feminist Post listed the hottest (ostensibly) available women of Manhattan. Obviously, Sofia Coppola and Amanda Hearst and the like are on the list, but we're fixated on the Media Babes:

· "Lola Ogunnaike, 29. Ever since Alex Kuczynski got married, New York Times staffers wondered who would inherit her position as the "hot, hip young thing" in the office. Enter Lola."
· "Sia Michel, 36. Spin magazine editrix-in-chief and Traci Lords lookalike."
· "Vanessa Grigoriadis, 30. The fiesty-to-fierce contributing editor for Rolling Stone and New York magazine whose secret-sharing celebrity profiles are usually the high point of the issue [...] Just a tad schizo."

Sadly, only one of the three has a Friendster profile, so you'll have to stalk them by traditional means. (Here's a hint: these "career women" in the post-Helen Gurley Brown age don't respond well to unsolicited flowers or emails at the office. Try something radical, like being introduced to them at a party. I know, crazy talk!)
New York's Most Eligible Bachelorettes [NYP]