Internet gossip Matt Drudge and techno tea-maker Moby are bitching each other out in print now; the fight started when Drudge Report printed Margaret Cho jokes "out of context," which netted her a slew of hate mail.

We're so taking markers on the Moby vs. Drudge event. So far, it looks like the money is 3:2 in favor of Drudge. (Bet-placers cite that Drudge's cat-fighting nails are sharper, and that Moby is weak from vegetarianism and too much shitty techno.)

Drudge's response: "Moby and his friends just have to 'butch up.'" Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure if Cho got any butcher — her favorite word is 'motherfucker' — she'd be forced to watch The L Word for a week, Clockwork Orange-style.
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