This awful thought has been torturing me all week, and I must confess. Here goes: The Spalding Gray cover story on New York magazine this week was... kind of good. It was all, like, timely and well-written and exclusive and shit.

The obvious question is: did aliens abduct the editorial staff of NY this week and replace them with actual journalists? (And did it happen during that weird and apparently unscheduled hiatus last week?) What the fuck? Is it going to be like this all the time now? I'm not sure I could start my week without a good laugh at the shitty tatters that usually is NY.

Thank God, there's still Time Out/NY, which makes USA Today look like the London Review of Books. That's a mag that'll never shock us with accidental quality. According to New Yorkish: "In this week's cover story, 'Dating Without a Net,' Time Out says that 'single New Yorkers are tired of home shopping.' And they have the facts quotes from a handful of anonymous New Yorkers to prove it."
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