Recent sightings of unwashed and vacuous new "It" Boy Michael Pitt — and, of course, the obligatory nude pictures over at Fleshbot. Two readers check in:
· "I saw him at a film event last year and he couldn't check himself in on the list (this was before anyone was supposed to know who he was). It was like he didn't know how to formulate a complete sentence. Some retard publicist was there with a picture of him in a magazine and was all like 'Let him in if you see him.' Not the brightest bulb to say the least."
· "now that he is sooo close an "it" boy, i can report i saw michael pitt at pete's candy store two saturdays ago. he didn't do much except hang out with this guy and a girl (isn't that the plot in The Dreamers?) but he did look exceptionally greasy. he was dressed like a homeless man (big green coat, big boots, black jeans, fingerless gloves) and kept pulling his ski cap lower on his greasy head. he occasionally peered over his shoulder and nodded, as if to see if anyone had acknowledged his presence."
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