Wanna work for 20 hours a week — for no payment whatsoever — for Matthew Barney, one of the top-grossing artists in the world? On the plus side, you might have some good Bjork sightings — on the minus side, she might beat you down like that Thai reporter.

[Update: Because I'm feeling particularly magnanimous today (yes, I finally got some, so you can stop writing those emails about how I just need to get laid), I'm publishing this counterpoint from a reader: "Alex Lee - Mathew Barney's assistant - is a really sweet guy. Being that Barney is constantly traveling, it would be under Alex's wing that an intern would work. He's a wonderful person - hardly the kind of guy you'd call a slave driver. Also, people intern for highly profitable companies and organizations all the time for no stipend. Just because Barney makes a lot of money, that doesn't make his offer shocking or unusual."

I still maintain that Barney could throw them a little cash. Even I sometimes let my interns suck up what's left in my near-empty cocktail glasses.]

We need help at the studio and I was wondering if you could recommend any interns.

We are primarily looking for an administrative intern, with knowledge of computer graphics. Because of the nature of the studio, I'd like somebody as polyvalent as possible, computer savvy and with knowledge of FileMaker Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, and Word.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any stipend or any kind of remuneration, but interns will be able to contribute directly to the running of the studio as well as have a direct glimpse into Matthew Barney's working process.

We are looking for a minimum commitment of 2 days/week for 3-6 month renewable, and will accommodate academic credit requirements.

Potential candidates can send me their resume by e-mail (see formal blurb below).


Internship Detail

The studio of Matthew Barney is currently seeking applications for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2004 interns.
Interns will assist Studio Manager with the daily operation of a high profile and fast-paced artist's studio. Depending on qualifications, duties would range from answering phones to production research, project archiving, and 2D graphics production.

Organized, upbeat, and motivated interns who are looking to explore their interest in the arts are encouraged to apply. Solid writing, research, and computer skills (PowerPoint, Excel, Filemaker) required.

We ask our interns to work a minimum of 20 hours a week. We are unable to offer a salary/ stipend or housing. We will accommodate academic credit requirements.

Alex Lee
E-mail: alex.lee@matthewbarney.com