Dave Eggers and his gang who run 826 Valencia, the tutoring center for kids in San Francisco, are ready for their New York invasion. At least, that's what their new website says:

Construction on the new space at 372 Fifth Avenue began in February and is well under way. The store front is expected to open in late April and the tutoring center should be up and running some time in August.

Now, given that 826 is named after its address in San Francisco, is there some reason they're calling it the same name here? Particularly given that their Brooklyn address is 372 Fifth Avenue? Surely they know that the sort of do-gooders who do actual volunteer work aren't that smart: there are sure to be a lot of underpublished novelists wandering lost in the Park Slope Heather-has-two-mommies parade this fall.
826 News [826 NYC]