Given these stalker sightings sent in by readers, I'm getting this strange psychic feeling that Britney Spears is in New York:

· "So, I'm riding in a car up Sixth Avenue and I look over at the Starbucks at 8th Street. There are two skanky 'hos in front wearing tight juicy track pants and midriff-bearing tops, giant frappaccinos in each hand. I think to myself, 'the weather turns nice and all the skanky 'hos come out' when I realize one of the 'hos is none other than Britney Spears. I guess Britney gotta get her frapp on like everybody else."

· "I saw Britney Spears on E. 4th St. between Broadway and Lafayette walking towards her big black SUV with a friend. It seemed like she was retelling a story to her friend about someone who pissed her off because she was screaming 'Fuck her! Seriously, fuck her!' and looked pissed. She was wearing pink velour sweats, had her hair tucked up into a baseball cap and was wearing that huge tan fake fur coat she's always photographed in. It was very awesome. No one even noticed it was her...she was just chilling in front of her car smoking a cigarette and talking shit. Very normal."