We keep hearing this story from all over: New York City film critic goes off to teach at a prestigious school, spends the semester being seduced by a nubile, fun-loving senior, gets drunk at a party, and, at last, off the two go for a consensual romp. (And good for them!) Reportedly, the film critic had already gotten a reputation as a lech on campus — the leer hasn't left his face all spring whenever he gave out his official work email address, which was often. Reportedly, the student has a very entertaining profile on The Facebook, complete with lingerie-clad action shot. But now the news is spreading all over New Haven and Cambridge — if it's true, and the story gets out, the repercussions could be serious. Kids, if you're not going to keep it in your pants on campus, keep your mouths shut! (And don't make weekend trips to New York together, sheesh.) You know we don't like to tease here, so you'll have to forgive us for not naming names in this age-old story of lust on the ivy.