Busch Gardens, Williamsburg: Located in Virginia, pays stoners minimum wage to wear wigs and heft muskets to entertain drunken tourists.

Bush Gardens, East Williamsburg: Located in Brooklyn, charges stoners $1700 a month for illegal loft-living where they may highlight each other's hair and cook meals of vegetarian slop and live like drunken tourists.

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg: Makes summer wage-slave hipster kids sleep in workhouse bunk beds.

Bush Gardens, East Williamsburg: Hipster kids spend $2500 to build their own workhouse bunk beds.

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg: Named after cheesy beer company, making it hard for visitors to retain cred — unless they're stepping up from Pabst.

Bush Gardens, East Williamsburg: Named after President George W. Bush, making it hard for mohawked hipsters to retain cred. ("We were doing this right after 9/11," landlord Mordi Halberstam explains to the New York Times. Guess "Guiliani Gardens" sounded too much like a minimum security juvenile facility.)
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