1. Find out why 66th and Park is better than 106th and Park as Carrie Karasyov reads from her new chick-litastrophe The Right Address this afternoon at Borders.
2. Then, put on a headband, buy a Jack Russell, change your name to Lulu, and head to the Salvatore Ferragamo sample sale. Fight with Muffie over the last pair of size 7 sling-backs and tell her, "Watch it Muffie, or I'll show you the right address."
3. Fuck Park Avenue, fuck Muffie, and rock out with the Mooney Suzuki and the Sexy Magazines tonight at Bowery Ballroom .
4. Caligula the Musical gets a concert reading tonight at the Zipper Theatre. The press release states, "The musical tells the story of the life of the notorious Roman emperor in the style of a 1970's glam rock epic." Funny, I always thought 70's glam rock epics were stories done in the style of Caligula.