The natives are restless and want their blind item fun so we're here to serve. Three blind items from today's NY Post await your guesses at

Page Six says: "WHICH action hero left Pangaea at 3 a.m. and called a leggy lovely he met earlier that evening? Apparently forgetting he is engaged, he partook of some heavy carnal action on a friend's couch before riding off into the sunrise . . ."

Page Six says: "WHICH female R&B singer is sleeping with the very married CEO at a boutique record label which is in big trouble with the law? Sources say they are always sneaking around when no one is looking - especially her mother/manager, who is unaware of the affair . . ."

Page Six says: "WHICH high-fashion photographer lives in such fear of breaking out in hives that he carries a tiny vial of hydrocortisone cream in his pocket everywhere he goes?"